Container Images

In the installation process CORD fetches, builds, and deploys a set of container images. These include:

  • cord-maas-bootstrap - (directory: bootstrap) run during MaaS installation time to customize the MaaS instance via REST interfaces.

  • cord-maas-automation - (directory: automation) daemon on the head node to automate PXE booted servers through the MaaS bare metal deployment workflow.

  • cord-maas-switchq - (directory: switchq) daemon on the head node that watches for new switches being added to the POD and triggers provisioning when a switch is identified (via the OUI on MAC address).

  • cord-maas-provisioner - (directory: provisioner) daemon on the head node that manages the execution of ansible playbooks against switches and compute nodes as they are added to the POD.

  • cord-ip-allocator - (directory: ip-allocator) daemon on the head node used to allocate IP address for the fabric interfaces.

  • cord-dhcp-harvester - (directory: harvester) run on the head node to facilitate CORD / DHCP / DNS integration so that all hosts can be resolved via DNS.

  • opencord/mavenrepo - custom CORD maven repository image to support ONOS application loading from a local repository.

  • cord-test/nose - container from which cord tester test cases originate and validate traffic through the CORD infrastructure.

  • cord-test/quagga - BGP virtual router to support uplink from CORD fabric network to Internet.

  • cord-test/radius - Radius server to support cord-tester capability.

  • opencord/onos - custom version of ONOS for use within the CORD platform.

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