vSG Configuration

NOTE: This section is only relevant if you wish to change the default IP address block or gateway MAC address associated with the vSG subnet. One reason you might want to do this is to associate more IP addresses with the vSG network (the default is a /24).

First, login to the CORD head node (ssh head1 in CiaB) and go to the /opt/cord_profile directory. To configure the fabric gateway, you will need to edit the file cord-services.yaml. You will see a section that looks like this:

  type: tosca.nodes.AddressPool
      gateway_mac: a4:23:05:06:01:01

Edit this section so that it reflects the fabric address block that you wish to assign to the vSGs, as well as the gateway IP and the MAC address that the vSG should use to reach the Internet (e.g., for the vRouter)

Once the cord-services.yaml TOSCA file has been edited as described above, push it to XOS by running the following:

cd /opt/cord_profile
docker-compose -p rcord exec xos_ui python /opt/xos/tosca/run.py xosadmin@opencord.org /opt/cord_profile/cord-services.yaml

This step is complete once you see the correct information in the VTN app configuration in ONOS. To check that XOS has successfully pushed the network configuration to the ONOS VTN app:

  1. Log into ONOS from the head node

    • Command: ssh -p 8102 onos@onos-cord
    • Password: rocks
  2. Run the netcfg command. Verify that the updated gateway information is present under publicGateways:

     onos> netcfg
     "publicGateways" : [
         "gatewayIp" : "",
         "gatewayMac" : "a4:23:05:06:01:01"
       }, {
         "gatewayIp" : "",
         "gatewayMac" : "a4:23:05:06:01:01"

    NOTE: The above output is just a sample; you should see the values you configured

  3. Run the cordvtn-nodes command. This will look like the following:

     onos> cordvtn-nodes
       Hostname                      Management IP       Data IP             Data Iface     Br-int                  State
       sturdy-baseball              fabric         of:0000525400d7cf3c     COMPLETE
       Total 1 nodes
  4. Verify that the information for all nodes is correct

  5. Verify that the initialization status of all nodes is COMPLETE.

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