Kafka Helm chart

The kafka helm chart is not maintained by CORD, but it is available online at: https://github.com/kubernetes/charts/tree/master/incubator/kafka

To install kafka using the cord-kafka name, run the following commands:

helm repo add incubator http://storage.googleapis.com/kubernetes-charts-incubator
helm install -f examples/kafka-single.yaml --version 0.8.8 -n cord-kafka incubator/kafka

NOTE: Historically there were two kafka busses deployed (another one named voltha-kafka) but these have been consolidated.

Viewing events with kafkacat

As a debugging tool you can deploy a container containing kafkacat and use that to listen for events:

cd helm-charts
helm install -n kafkacat xos-tools/kafkacat

Once the container is up and running you can exec into the pod and run kafkacat to perform various diagnostic commands.

kubectl exec -it kafkacat-##########-##### bash

For a complete reference, please refer to the kafkacat guide

A few examples:

  • List available topics:

    kafkacat -b cord-kafka -L
  • Listen for events on a particular topic:

    kafkacat -b cord-kafka -C -t <kafka-topic>
  • Some example topics to listen on:

    kafkacat -b cord-kafka -C -t xos.log.core
    kafkacat -b cord-kafka -C -t xos.gui_events
    kafkacat -b cord-kafka -C -t voltha.events
    kafkacat -b cord-kafka -C -t onu.events
    kafkacat -b cord-kafka -C -t authentication.events
    kafkacat -b cord-kafka -C -t dhcp.events

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