Deploy Logging and Monitoring components

To read more about logging and monitoring in CORD, please refer to the design document.

There are currently two charts that deploy logging and monitoring functionality, nem-monitoring and logging. Both of these charts depend on having kafka instances running in order to pass messages.

nem-monitoring charts

helm dep update nem-monitoring
helm install -n nem-monitoring nem-monitoring

NOTE: In order to display voltha kpis you need to have voltha and cord-kafka installed.

Monitoring Dashboards

This chart exposes two dashboards:

logging charts

helm dep up logging
helm install -n logging logging

For smaller developer/test environments without persistent storage, please use the examples/logging-single.yaml file to run the logging chart, which doesn't create PVC's.

Logging Dashboard

The Kibana dashboard can be found on port 30601

To start using Kibana, you must create an index under Management > Index Patterns. Create one with a name of logstash-*, then you can search for events in the Discover section.

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