Validating PODs

PODs are deployed everynight using Jenkins Build System. After a successful installation of the POD, test jobs are triggered which validate the following categories of tests

  • Post Installation Verification

  • Sanity Tests

  • Functional Tests (Control and Data Plane)

  • Soak Tests

Post Installation Tests

These tests perform the following validations

  • Required Docker Containers are up and running
  • Synchronizer Logs are correct
  • Required ONOS applications are installed in ONOS Fabric and ONOS CORD
  • ONOS Logs does not contain any errors

To execute the test, perform the following from the head node

cd /opt/cord/build
make collect-diag
cd /opt/cord/test/cord-tester/src/test/diag
pybot verifyCollectDiag.robot

Sanity Checks on the installed POD

Following validations are performed after installation:

  • Headnode interfaces are up and has external connectivity
  • Compute nodes can ping each other through the fabric
  • Computes nodes can ping the switches
  • cordvtn app is running and identifies the nodes and the fabric devices
  • Required MAAS services are up and running
  • Status of Docker containers
  • Juju Service States
  • MAAS Cli commands
  • Openstack LXD Container States
  • Fabric Switch services
  • Ping all Fabric switches

To execute the test, perform the following on the headnode

cd /opt/cord/test/cord-tester/src/test/robot
pybot SanityPhyPOD.robot

Functional Tests

Control and Data plane tests can be executed on the POD once the sanity checks are successful.

Executing Control Plane Tests

To validate the functionality of vSG instance creations and there by validating the end-end functionality checks on the related APIs, the following control plane test can be executed.

  • Edit the attributes shown below in the properties file
$ cd  /opt/cord/test/cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Properties
$ cat

SERVER_IP = 'localhost'
SERVER_PORT = '9101'
USER = ''
  • To run the test
cd /opt/cord/test/cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/
pybot Ch_MultiInstance.txt

Data Plane Tests

Once the vSG instances are created after execution of the above control plane test, data plane tests can be executed to verify if the data traffic passes through the created vSG/vcpe from the cord-test container which simulates the interface that was created with similar s_tag and c_tag

Following steps are performed when the data plane test is executed.

  • vSG Instances in OpenStack Nova are created per subscriber created
  • vSG Instances are ACTIVE and are reachable via mgmt interface
  • Configures X-Connects for subscribers in onos-fabric for the overlay fabric
  • Configures a dhclient on the Cord-Tester containers interface that is being used as the vSG Subscriber
  • Validates a DHCP IP address is received from the vCPE Container and external connectivity is reachable through the vCPE

To run a data plane test, perform the following steps

  • Update the olt_config.json file in the setup directory to include the s_tag and c_tag used in the Control-Plane Test with the reserved flag turned on and create the cord test container
$ cd /opt/cord/test/cord-tester/src/test/setup
$ cat out_config.json
{ "olt" : false,
  "uplink" : 2,
  "vlan" : 0,
  "port_map" : { "num_ports" : 11, "start_vlan" : 1000, "nr_switches": 1 },
  "vcpe" :
          "port" : "fabric", "type" : "reserved", "s_tag" : 415, "c_tag" : 222
          "port" : "fabric", "type" : "reserved", "s_tag" : 333, "c_tag" : 888
          "port" : "fabric", "type" : "reserved", "s_tag" : 555, "c_tag" : 999
          "port" : "fabric", "type" : "reserved", "s_tag" : 666, "c_tag" : 661
sudo ./ setup -m manifest-onf-cord.json
  • Validate the data plane connectivity
cd /opt/cord/test/cord-tester/src/test/vsg
pybot vsg_dataplane_test.robot

NOTE: All the control and data plane tests can also be executed on a Virtual POD(Cord-in-a-Box) using the above procedure. Except for the data plane tests, where it needs to be run using a different option as there are no crossconnects required to be provisioned on CiaB.

pybot -e xconnect vsg_dataplane_test.robot

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