Validating PODs

PODs(physical nodes) are deployed everynight using Jenkins Build System. After a successful installation of the POD, test jobs are triggered which validate the following categories of tests

  • Post Installation Verification

  • Functional Tests

Post Installation Tests

These tests perform the following validations

  • Required services are running
  • All deployments are successfully rolled out and matches replicas to available replicas
  • All pods are running
  • Pods have external connectivity
  • Pods can ping the kube-system namespace
  • Nodes are healthy (checking “ready”, “outofdisk”, “memorypressure”, “diskpressure”)
  • Required containers are in running state

To execute the test, perform the following from the client machine

cd cord-tester/src/test/diag
pybot SanityK8Pod.robot

Functional Tests

Control tests can be executed on the POD once the sanity checks are successful.

Executing Control Plane Tests

To validate the end-end functionality checks on the RCORD Lite APIs, the following control plane test can be executed.

  • Edit the attributes shown below in the properties file
$ cd  cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Properties
$ cat

SERVER_IP = 'localhost'
SERVER_PORT = '9101'
USER = ''
  • To run the tests
cd cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Tests/
pybot VOLTDevice_Test.txt
pybot RCORDLite_E2ETest.txt

Data Plane Tests

For CORD 6.0 release, data plane tests are executed manually on the POD using OLT/ONU.

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