vRouter service

The vRouter Service is responsible for configuring routes in the Trellis Fabric.

It is required that the vRouter service is a provider_service of the fabric service, and the fabric service is a provider_service of onos service (containing the correct applications), so that this will be part of your service graph:

ONOS_Fabric <- Fabric <- vRouter


The vRouterservice is composed of the following models:

  • VRouterService. Extends the core Service model, has no additional vRouter-specific fields.
  • VRouterServiceInstance. Extends the core ServiceInstance model, has no additional vRouter-specific fields.
  • VRouterStaticRoute implements a static route.
    • vrouter. Relation to the VRouterService that owns this route.
    • prefix. The destination prefix and netmask (IP/NM).
    • next_hop. The next-hop for this route.

Example TOSCA: Configure a static route

This is an example recipe to configure a static route so that your Subscribers can get Internet access:

tosca_definitions_version: tosca_simple_yaml_1_0
  - custom_types/vrouterserviceinstance.yaml
  - custom_types/vrouterstaticroute.yaml
description: Creates a vrouter and pushes a static route
      type: tosca.nodes.VRouterServiceInstance
        name: my_vrouter

    # Add a static route to the vRouter
      type: tosca.nodes.VRouterStaticRoute
        prefix: "" # The destination prefix and netmask (xxx.yyy.www.zzz/nm)
        next_hop: "" # The next-hop for the route
        - vrouter:
            node: vrouter#my_vrouter
            relationship: tosca.relationships.BelongsToOne

Integration with other Services

The vRouter service depends upon the Fabric service.

Synchronizer Workflows


The SyncRoutes step synchronizes VRouterStaticRoute objects to ONOS.

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