vOLT Service

The vOLTService is responsible to configure the access network in RCORD and it does that leveraging VOLTHA.

vOLT Modeling

Here is an image describing the models that compose this service, followed by a brief description of any of them. For a full reference on these models, please take a look at their xProto representation.

ER Diagram


Contains the information that the synchronizer needs to access VOLTHA and ONOS-VOLTHA


Represent a subscriber in the service chain


Contains the information needed to pre-provision and activate an OLT device in VOLTHA

PONPort, NNIPort, ONUDevice These models contain informations about the respective components of the PON network. In an RCORD deployment these models are pulled from VOLTHA to keep an inventory of the system.

Synchronizations steps

Push steps

There are two top-down steps in this service:

  • SyncOLTDevice to pre-provision and enable OLT devices
  • SyncVOLTServiceInstance to add the subscriber in ONOS-VOLTHA

Pull steps

The vOLT synchronizer is currently pulling OLTDevice, PONPort, NNIPort and ONUDevices from VOLTHA.

Event steps

The vOLT synchronizer is listening over the kafka bus for events in the onu.events topic.

ONU Activate event

Event format:

    "status": "activated",
    "serial_number": "BRCM1234",
    "uni_port_id": 16,
    "of_dpid": "of:109299321"

When an event is received:

  • the vOLTService checks if in between is provider services there is one with kind = oss
  • It calls the validate_onu method exposed by that service
  • the OSS Service will be responsible to create a subscriber in XOS

If no OSS Service is found in between the providers of vOLTService no action is taken as a consequence of an event.

For more informations about the OSS Service, please look here and in the R-CORD Configuration guide

Test configuration

If you are testing the R-CORD Service chain (meaning that you don't have a running VOLTHA), you will need to manually create a PONPort and an ONUDevice.

To do that, please check the example TOSCA in the repository samples folder.

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