R-CORD Profile

The latest version of R-CORD differs from versions included in earlier releases in that it does not include the vSG service. In the code, this new configuration is called rcord-lite, but since it is the only version of Residential CORD currently supported, we simply call it the R-CORD profile.


Install VOLTHA

When running on a physical POD with OLT/ONU hardware, the first step to bringing up R-CORD is to install the VOLTHA helm chart.

Install ONOS

Install onos. It will manage both Voltha and the fabric infrastructure.

Install XOS

The R-CORD profile the orchestrator xos-core to be installed.

Install the R-CORD Profile

You are now ready to install the R-CORD profile:

Optionally, if you want to use the "bottom up" subscriber provisioning workflow described in the Operations Guide, you will also need to install the following two charts:

Note: If you install both VOLTHA and the optional Kafka, you will end up with two instantiations of Kafka: kafka-voltha and kafka-cord.

Once your R-CORD deployment is complete, please read the following guide to understand how to configure it: Configure R-CORD

Customize an R-CORD Install

Define a my-rcord-values.yaml that looks like:

# in service charts
  imagePullPolicy: 'Always'
  imagePullPolicy: 'Always'
  imagePullPolicy: 'Always'
  imagePullPolicy: 'Always'
  imagePullPolicy: 'Always'
  imagePullPolicy: 'Always'
  imagePullPolicy: 'Always'
  imagePullPolicy: 'Always'
  imagePullPolicy: 'Always'

and use it during the installation with:

helm install -n rcord-lite xos-profiles/rcord-lite -f my-rcord-values.yaml

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