R-CORD Service

The RCORD Service represents the Subscriber in the service chain.

This service expect to be located at the beginning of the chain.

Service configurations

As now the only possible configuration is to define the kind of access service that sits next to it. The default (and the only one supported for now) is 'VOLTHA'.

If the R-CORD Service is configured with access=voltha it expect that:

  • it has only one provider_service
  • the provider_service exposes an API called has_access_device(onu_serial_number) that returns a boolean (this is used to validate that the ONU the subscriber is pointing to really exists)


The RCORDSubscriber model is the ServiceInstance of the RCORDService. This is an example TOSCA you can use to create one:

tosca_definitions_version: tosca_simple_yaml_1_0
  - custom_types/rcordsubscriber.yaml
description: Create a test subscriber
    #Activate the subscriber
      type: tosca.nodes.RCORDSubscriber
        name: My House
        onu_device: BRCM1234
        mac_address: 90:E2:BA:82:FA:81

NOTE: an onu_device with the provided serial number must exists in the system. For more informations about ONU Devices, please refer to the vOLTService guide.

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