Release Notes: Satisfying-Cactus

The Satisfying-Cactus (5.0) release includes R-CORD, E-CORD and M-CORD profiles. Detailed information about these profiles can be found in the Service Profile Guide. The following summarizes the new features.

Platform and Build System

  • Added support for dynamically loading new services and service profiles into a running system. R-CORD and E-CORD services converted to use new dynamic loading mechanism, but M-CORD still uses corebuilder.

  • Refactored build to isolate profile-specific information (e.g., models, TOSCA templates). R-CORD, M-CORD, and E-CORD converted to use refactoring.

  • Added support for logging and diagnostics. See the Logging and Diagnostics section of the guide for more information.

  • Added new scenarios to build:

    • preppedpod: Installs a CORD POD without MaaS on pre-prepared systems, which can run the R-CORD test suite.

    • controlpod: Installs XOS and ONOS without VNF support. Runs on Ubuntu 16.04 in preparation for updating the entire CORD platform.

    • controlkube: Preliminary support for running XOS on Kubernetes, in preparation for greater functionality in the next release.

  • Preliminary integration of Kubernetes into CORD (pre-alpha):

    • Manages XOS containers

    • Works with controlkube Scenario

  • Removed old TOSCA Engine.


  • Upgraded ONOS to 1.12.0


  • Documented how to manually bring up VOLTHA in R-CORD


  • Integrated MME/HSS [Beta, undocumented]

  • Integrated physical eNB

  • Integreated ProgRAN


  • Automated Monitoring at EVC creation

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