Workflow: CiaB Scenario

For service or core development using a virtual POD (CiaB), we have a tighter development workflow loop which involves tearing down XOS as well as any active OpenStack objects (Instances, Networks, etc), rebuilding XOS container images, and then redeploying XOS.

We sometimes refer to this as a "mini-End2End" as it does result in a new XOS deployment with an E2E test, but does not require a full reinstall.

This workflow also works with a Physical POD.

Development Loop

Assuming you have already built a virtual POD and verified that it is working, take the following steps to redeploy code changes into it:

  1. Make changes to your service code and propagate them to your CiaB host. There are a number of ways to propagate changes to the host depending on developer preference, including using gerrit patchsets, rsync, scp, etc.

  2. Teardown the existing XOS installation and clean up OpenStack to remove any leftover instances or networks:

     cd ~/cord/build
     make xos-teardown
     make clean-openstack
  3. Optional: Teardown ONOS. Sometimes we find it helpful to reinstall the onos-cord and onos-fabric containers, to ensure that all state is wiped clean from ONOS.

     cd ~/cord/build
     make clean-onos
  4. Build the new XOS container images and deploy to the pod.

     cd ~/cord/build
     make -j4 build
     make compute-node-refresh
     make pod-test
  5. Test and verify your changes.

  6. Go back to step #1

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