XOS Containers

XOS is made up of a set of Docker containers that cooperate to provide platform controller functionaly, including the data model, synchronizers, and northbound APIs. The following is an inventory of those containers:

Name Description Internal Ports
xos-core The core of the platform, contains the model definition and the xProto toolchain 50051, 500515
xos-db The Postgres instance that persists the data-model 5432
xos-redis A Redis instance, used as pub/sub channel for internal notifications 5432
xos-tosca Northbound TOSCA interface, accessible via REST 9102
xos-gui Northbound GUI interface 4000
xos-ws Listens to redis events and propagates them over web-sockets for notifications 3000
xos-chameleon Northbound REST interface, accessible at /xosapi/v1/.. (swagger is published at /apidocs/ 3000
kafka Event bus shared between all the CORD components that needs it 9092

The dotted lines identify optional components that are required only in certain configurations

All the communication between containers happen over gRPC except for xos-gui where it is a combination of REST and web-socket.


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