M-CORD Profile

The M-CORD (Mobile CORD) profile is Official as of 4.1.

Service Manifest

M-CORD includes service manifests:


Service Source Code
epc-service https://github.com/opencord/epc-service
Fabric https://github.com/opencord/fabric
ONOS https://github.com/opencord/onos-service
OpenStack https://github.com/opencord/openstack
vENB https://github.com/opencord/venb
vSPGWC https://github.com/opencord/vspgwc
vSPGWU https://github.com/opencord/vspgwu
VTN https://github.com/opencord/vtn

Model Extensions

M-CORD does not extend CORD's core models.

GUI Extensions

M-CORD doesn’t include any GUI extension.

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