Deploy Base OpenStack

XOS can be configured to manage an existing OpenStack installation (e.g., deployed using openstack-helm) by installing the xos-profiles/base-openstack Helm chart in the helm-charts repository. This chart requires that the xos-core chart has already been installed.

System Prerequisites for VTN

This chart causes XOS to load the VTN app into ONOS and configure it. Prior to installing the chart, make sure that VTN's requirements are satisfied by following this guide

Single-Node Configuration

Here is an example of deploying the base-openstack chart on a single-node OpenStack server set up by the automation-tools/openstack-helm/ script:

If you haven't done it yet, add the CORD repository to the list of your local repositories and update the repo index:

helm repo add cord
helm repo update
helm install -n base-openstack cord/base-openstack \
    --set`hostname` \
    --set vtn-service.sshUser=`whoami`

Multi-Node Configuration

If you are deploying on a multi-node OpenStack cluster, create a YAML file containing information for each node, and pass it as an argument when installing the xos-profiles/base-openstack chart using the -f option. An example compute-nodes.yaml file:

    bridgeId: of:00000000abcdef01
    dataPlaneIntf: fabric
    bridgeId: of:00000000abcdef02
    dataPlaneIntf: fabric
    bridgeId: of:00000000abcdef03
    dataPlaneIntf: fabric

The master node in the cluster should be called master; the other node labels can be anything. For each node:

  • name is the OpenStack hypervisor name of the node (often the FQDN)
  • bridgeId is of: followed by a unique 16-digit hex string
  • dataPlaneIntf is the name of the fabric interface on the node. This could be a bridge or a bond interface.
  • dataPlaneIp is the node's IP address and subnet mask on the fabric subnet

When installing the xos-profiles/base-openstack chart it is also necessary to set the value of vtn-service.sshUser to the user account for which the public key was added to authorized_keys earlier.

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