Configure AT&T Workflow

We assume your POD is already configured as per this instructions (you need to complete only the first section)

Whitelist population

NOTE: the whitelist can be populated at any time. It doesn't need to be done upfront.

To configure the ONU whitelist, you can use this TOSCA:

tosca_definitions_version: tosca_simple_yaml_1_0
  - custom_types/attworkflowdriverwhitelistentry.yaml
  - custom_types/attworkflowdriverservice.yaml
description: Create an entry in the whitelist

      type: tosca.nodes.AttWorkflowDriverService
        name: att-workflow-driver
        must-exist: true

      type: tosca.nodes.AttWorkflowDriverWhiteListEntry
        serial_number: BRCM22222222
        pon_port_id: 536870912
        device_id: of:000000000a5a0072
        - owner:
            node: service#att
            relationship: tosca.relationships.BelongsToOne

For instructions on how to push TOSCA into a CORD POD, please refer to this guide.

Where to find the required information

Serial Number

To locate the ONU serial number you can open the ONU detail view (vOLT -> ONU Devices).

ONU Detail view

NOTE: most of the time the serial number is also printed on the physical device.

Pon Port ID

The pon_port_id can be found from the ONU detail view, by selecting the PON Port tab:

ONU Detail view

Device ID

The device_id can easily be found in the OLT list view. Note the device_id is the openflow ID of the logical device exposed to ONOS, and not the serial number of the device.

OLT List view

Device monitoring

Please refer to the monitoring chart.

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