Installation Guide

This guide describes how to install CORD on a physical POD. It identifies a set of prerequisites, and then walks through the steps involved in bringing up the Platform. Once the Platform is installed, you are ready to bring up one of the available Profiles:

Alternatively if you just want to quickly bring up SEBA, try the SEBA Quick Start.

This installation procedure requires management-network connectivity to the Internet. If your installation does not have such connectivity, or you are behind a restrictive firewall, consider Offline Install.

If you do not have the prerequisite hardware needed for a POD, consider running a complete system entirely emulated in software using SEBA-in-a-Box.

If you prefer a gentle walkthrough of the process of bringing up a subset of the CORD platform running on your laptop (e.g., to get an introduction to all the moving parts in CORD) then jumping to the ExampleService Quick Start page is also an option.

Finally, if you want to get a broader lay-of-the-land, you might step back and read the Overview.

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