Architectural Overview

This chapter will guide you trough the general architecture of the XOS User Interfaces


The XOS GUI is design to work in the XOS ecosystem, taking advantages of some of the features exposed by it. As an example the application is designed to discover the models registered in XOS and auto-generate CRUD views for all of them, feature that is available thanks to our xProto modeling language. We are also leveraging the XOS-WS component, build on top of our Redis based pub-sub system, to provide a progressive caching mechanism.

The GUI ecosystem in XOS is composed by a pod of 5 Docker containers that comunicate as per the following diagram:


We'll talk deeper about the data flow in the Developer Guide but here is the main role of each component:


Is hosting the entire data-model and expose a gRPC API layer to let other components interact with the data model.


Chameleon is reponsible to expose a description of the models stored in XOS-CORE and to provide the bindings between REST and gRPC


It is hosting a redis server used as primary pub-sub mechanism in the system


Listen to redis events and transform them into web-sockets events in order to keep XOS-GUI updated


Is hosting the GUI SPA and exposing it to the world through a web-server, in this case nginx

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