BBSim Helm Chart

This chart let you install the broadband simulator.

Note: this chart depends on kafka.

If you haven't done it yet, add the CORD repository to the list of your local repositories and update the repo index:

helm repo add cord
helm repo update
helm install -n bbsim cord/bbsim

Set a different number of ONUs

You can configure the number of ONUs through a parameter in the installation:

helm install -n bbsim cord/bbsim --set onus_per_pon_port={number_of_onus}

Set a different mode

By default BBSim will bring up a certain number of ONUs and the start sending authentication requests, via EAPOL, and DHCP requests.

You can change the behaviour via:

helm install -n bbsim cord/bbsim --set emulation_mode="{both|aaa|default}"


  • both stands for authentication and DHCP
  • aaa stands for authentication only
  • default will just activate the devices

Start BBSim without Kafka

Kafka is used to aggregate the logs in CORD's logging framework.

If you want to start BBSim without pushing the logs to kafka, you can install it with:

helm install -n bbsim cord/bbsim --set kafka_broker=""

Provision the BBSim OLT in NEM

You can use this file to bring up the BBSim OLT in NEM: bbsim-16.yaml.

Note that in that file there is a bit of configuration for the dhcpl2relay application in ONOS that instructs it to send DHCP packet back to the OLT. This may differ from a POD where you are sending those packets out of the fabric.

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