PONSIM v2 Helm Chart

The ponsimv2 chart deploys the PON Simulator (PONSIM) containers (a virtual OLT, ONU, and RG) in the context of VOLTHA. This chart is used by SiaB. More details about PONSIM can be found in its README.

You must install the PONNET chart before installing this one. At that point you can install PONSIM.

If you haven't done it yet, add the CORD repository to the list of your local repositories and update the repo index:

helm repo add cord https://charts.opencord.org
helm repo update

To install:

helm install -n ponsimv2 cord/ponsimv2 \
    --set numOlts=1 \
    --set numOnus=1

Arguments numOlts and numOnus can be set between 1 and 4.

After a successful install you will see containers like these running in the VOLTHA namespace:

$ kubectl -n voltha get pod -l app=ponsim
NAME                      READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
olt0-fb58fb79f-26g46      1/1     Running   0          22h
onu0-0-5db946744d-bh5ms   1/1     Running   0          22h
rg0-0-69cdbf6b58-dx6lm    1/1     Running   0          21h

If any of the containers do not come up successfully, the issue is likely that the PONNET chart is not loaded or was not able to create the necessary Linux bridges.

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