Validating PODs

PODs(physical nodes) are deployed everynight using Jenkins Build System. After a successful installation of the POD, test jobs are triggered which validate the following categories of tests

  • Functional Tests

Functional Tests

Control tests can be executed on the POD once it has been successfully deployed.

Executing Control Plane Tests

To validate the end-end functionality checks on the RCORD Lite APIs, the following control plane test can be executed.

  • Edit the attributes shown below in the properties file
$ cd  cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Properties
$ cat

SERVER_IP = 'localhost'
SERVER_PORT = '9101'
USER = ''
  • To run the tests
cd cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Tests/
robot VOLTDevice_Test.txt

Data Plane Tests

Data plane tests include the workflow validations. Follow the guide above to edit the properties file before running the tests.

Validating AT&T workflow

Test scripts and input data for validating AT&T workflow are under cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Tests/WorkflowValidations. The same test script e.g. ATT_Test001.robot works with different POD setups. Instead of hardcoding the POD specific variables in the test script, it relies on a separated configuration file which describes POD setup. To create a configuration file for your POD please take a look at this example.

Input data are stored under cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Tests/WorkflowValidations/data/. Please create a new folder with the name of your POD and copy and data files from e.g. flex-ocp-cord folder and edit them with the correct values on your POD.

Also make sure that the variables in the test script (e.g. ATT_Test001.robot) are correct. Specifically, verify that ${POD_NAME} is the same as the folder name you created above, and ${KUBERNETES_CONF} is pointing to your Kubernetes configuration file.

After updating all these POD specific values, execute the following commands to trigger the test

cd cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Tests/WorkflowValidations

Each scenario in ATT_Test001.robot is associated with Tags field, using which we can run a single scenario from the testcase as well. To execute a single scenario for the test

cd cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Tests/WorkflowValidations
robot -i test1 -V PATH_TO_YOUR_POD_CONFIGURATION_FILE ATT_Test001.robot

Note that PATH_TO_YOUR_POD_CONFIGURATION_FILE should point to the yaml file that describes your POD setup (see above).

Seba-in-a-Box Tests

Test scripts and input data for validating Seba-in-a-Box tests based on the ATT-Workflow profile are under cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Tests/WorkflowValidations/. Test file:SIAB.robot Data files reside in the:data/ directory.

These tests have the same test scenarios as the Physical Pod tests, however they are scripted differently as the system of a virtual seba deployment (Seba-in-a-Box) is vastly different from the physical pod. To execute these tests after successfully installing "Seba-in-a-Box", execute the following commands:

cd cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/
cd Tests/WorkflowValidations/ && robot -x notready SIAB.robot

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