Deploy Logging and Monitoring components

To read more about logging and monitoring in CORD, please refer to the design document.

There are currently two charts that deploy logging and monitoring functionality, nem-monitoring and logging. Both of these charts depend on having kafka instances running in order to pass messages.

Add the cord repository

If you haven't done it yet, add the CORD repository to the list of your local repositories and update the repo index:

helm repo add cord
helm repo update

nem-monitoring charts

helm install -n nem-monitoring cord/nem-monitoring

NOTE: In order to display voltha kpis you need to have voltha and cord-kafka installed.

Monitoring Dashboards

This chart exposes two dashboards:

For informations on how to use Prometheys please refer to the Prometheus Operations Guide.

logging charts

By default, the logging charts rely on the Persistent Storage charts to provide a persistent ElasticSearch database. You must install those first before running the logging chart.

helm install -n logging cord/logging

In development or testing scenarios where persistence isn't required, this command will load the logging chart without persistence:

helm install --set elasticsearch.cluster.env.MINIMUM_MASTER_NODES="1" \
             --set elasticsearch.client.replicas=1 \
             --set elasticsearch.master.replicas=2 \
             --set elasticsearch.master.persistence.enabled=false \
             --set \
             --set \
             -n logging cord/logging

Logging Dashboard

The Kibana dashboard can be found on port 30601

For informations on how to use Elastic Stack please refer to the ELK Stack Operations Guide.

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