CORD Guide

This is a curated set of documents that describe how to install, operate, test, and develop CORD. The material is organized in two parts:

  • Guides: Outlines the process of installing, operating, testing and developing for CORD as a whole.

  • References: Definitions and specifications about individual components that make up CORD.

CORD is a community-based open source project. In addition to this guide, you can find information about this community, its projects, and its governance on the CORD wiki. This includes early white papers and design notes that have shaped CORD's architecture.

The guides are organized around the major stages in the lifecycle of CORD:

  • Installation: Installing (and later upgrading) CORD.
  • Operations: Operating an already installed CORD deployment.
  • Development: Developing new functionality to be included in CORD.
  • Testing: Testing functionality to be included in CORD.

These are all fairly obvious. What's less obvious is the relationship among these stages, which is explained in Navigating CORD.

CORD is built from disaggregated components that are assembled into a composite solution. The References are organized accordingly:

  • Profile Reference: Installation and configuation details for specific solutions built using CORD components.
  • Service Reference: Configuration (TOSCA) and modeling (xproto) definitions for individual CORD components.
  • Helm Refernce: Helm charts used to install individual CORD components.

For more information on the relationship between Profiles and Services, see Navigating CORD.

Making Changes to this Document

The website is built using the legacy GitBook Toolchain (deprecated, docs unavailable), with the documentation root in docs in a checked out source tree. It is build with make, and requires that gitbook, python, and a few other tools are installed.

Source for individual guides is available in the CORD code repository; look in the docs directory of each project, with the documentation rooted in the top-level /docs directory. Updates and improvements to this documentation can be submitted through Gerrit.

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