Mininet Helm Chart

The mininet chart deploys Mininet for use by SiaB. It creates a virtual agg switch (Open vSwitch) that connects the downstream Ponsim OLTs to an upstream virtual BNG.

You must install the PONNET chart before installing this one.

If you haven't done it yet, add the CORD repository to the list of your local repositories and update the repo index:

helm repo add cord
helm repo update

To install:

helm install -n mininet cord/mininet \
    --set numOlts=1 \
    --set numOnus=1

Arguments numOlts and numOnus can be set between 1 and 4. The chart connects bridge nniX to the agg switch for X between 0 and numOlts - 1.

For each X above, a double-tagged interface is created on the virtual BNG for Y between 0 and numOnus - 1. This interface has an IP address of 172.(18 + X).Y.10, an outer VLAN of 222 + X, and an inner VLAN of 111 + Y. The virtual BNG also runs a DHCP server on each interface serving addresses in the 172.(18 + X).Y.0/24 subnet.

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