Fabric Software Setup

CORD uses the Trellis fabric to connect the data plane components together. This section describes how to setup the software for these switches.

The latest documentation can be found on the Trellis documentation site.

Supported Switches

The list of supported hardware can be found in the hardware requirements page

Operating System

All CORD-compatible switches use Open Networking Linux (ONL) as the operating system. The latest compatible ONL image can be downloaded from here.

Checksum: sha256:2db316ea83f5dc761b9b11cc8542f153f092f3b49d82ffc0a36a2c41290f5421

Instructions to install ONL on Delta Switches

If the Delta switch you are using has the following in /etc/machine.conf:

onie_platform=x86_64_<platform name>-r0
onie_machine=<platform name>

Please change it to the following before installing ONL:

onie_platform=x86_64-delta_<platform name>-r0
onie_machine=delta_<platform name>

After the installation of ONL, if you don't see '/usr/bin' in your PATH variable, please run the following command:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin/ofdpa

Guidelines on how to install ONL on top of an ONIE compatible device can be found directly on the ONL website.

This specific version of ONL has been customized to accept an IP address through DHCP on the management interface, ma0. If you'd like to use a static IP, first give it an IP address through DHCP, then login and change the configuration in /etc/network/interfaces.

The default username and password are root / onl.

OFDPA Drivers

Once ONL is installed, OFDPA drivers will need to be installed as well. Each switch model requires a specific version of OFDPA. All driver packages are distributed as DEB packages, which makes the installation process straightforward.

First, copy the package to the switch. For example

scp your-ofdpa.deb root@fabric-switch-ip:

Then, install the DEB package

dpkg -i your-ofdpa.deb

Three OFDPA drivers are available:

Connect the Fabric Switches to ONOS

If the switches are not already connected, ssh to each switch and configure /etc/ofagent/ofagent.conf by uncommenting and editing the following line:

OPT_ARGS="-d 2 -c 2 -c 4 -t K8S_NODE_IP:31653 -i $DPID"

Then start ofagent by running

service ofagentd start

You can verify ONOS has recognized the devices using the following command:

NOTE: When prompted, use password rocks.

ssh -p 31101 onos@K8S_NODE_IP devices

NOTE: It may take a few seconds for the switches to initialize and connect to ONOS

Additional notes for Delta switches

If optical sfp cables are not coming up, please use the following command to launch ofdpa:

./launcher ofagentapp -t <ip address of the controller>

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