Setting Up CORD Tester Environment

Configure Automation Framework

  • Tests can be run directly from your local machine or from a different VM by exporting the configuration file for the target CORD servers.


  • Python Virtual-Env

  • Download the cord-tester repo using the following command:

    git clone
  • Before executing any tests, proper modules need to be installed which can be done using the following command:

How to install

git clone
cd cord-tester
cd src/test/cord-api/

Executing Tests

Most of the tests in cord-tester framework are written in python and RobotFramework. Few examples for test execution are shown below

  • Export the configuration file(file that was generated during kubernetes/helm installation)

    export KUBECONFIG=/home/cord/cord-pod1.conf

    Assuming that cord-pod1.conf file is present in /home/cord directory

Executing Control Plane Tests

  • Each control plane test uses input data in json format which are present under cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Tests/data

  • Before running control plane tests, a properties file need to be edited as shown below. Update the following attributes accordingly

    $ cd cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Properties
    $ cat
    SERVER_IP = 'localhost'
    SERVER_PORT = '30006'
    USER = ''
    PASSWD = ''
  • To run tests

    cd cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Tests/
    robot <testcase.txt>

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