SEBA-in-a-Box with a fabric switch

The following procedure describes how to set up SEBA-in-a-Box with a physical fabric switch instead of an emulated switch.

This is the assumed topology:

Kubernetes node running OLT [ens1d1]-------[2]fabric switch[1]-----------[ens1d1]BNG/DHCP-server
  1. Perform all install procedures described in the SEBA-in-a-Box installation instructions except sections Install Mininet and Load TOSCA into NEM.

  2. Fabric switch bringup. To bring up the fabric switch, follow the procedure here and verify the fabric switch is discovered by onos (ssh -p 30115 onos@K8S_NODE_IP devices).

  3. Enable EAPOL on Linux bridge pon0.0 and add the physical interface on the Kubernetes node running PONSIM-OLT to nni0 bridge.

     $ sudo brctl addif nni0 ens1d1
     $ brctl show
     bridge name     bridge id               STP enabled     interfaces
     docker0         8000.02426df5adb1       no
     nni0            8000.0a580a170001       no              veth6abcdca3
     pon0.0          8000.52f6b00415e4       no              veth212f887a
     $ echo 8 > /tmp/group_fwd_mask
     $ sudo cp /tmp/group_fwd_mask /sys/class/net/pon0.0/bridge/group_fwd_mask
  4. Modify ~/cord/helm-charts/xos-profiles/ponsim-pod/tosca/020-pod-olt.yaml. Update switch_datapath_id to your fabric-switch dpid and switch_port to the port number of Fabric-switch to which the Kubernetes node running OLT is connected.

         type: tosca.nodes.OLTDevice
           switch_datapath_id: of:0000a82bb57111f8
           switch_port: "2"
           outer_tpid: "0x8100"
           dp_id: of:0000aabbccddeeff
           uplink: "2"
  5. Modify ~/cord/helm-charts/xos-profiles/ponsim-pod/tosca/030-fabric.yaml. Update driver to "ofdpa3", ofId to Fabric-switch dpid, olt_port:portId to the port number of Fabric-switch to which the Kubernetes node running OLT is connected, and bng_port:portId and bngmapping:switch_port to the port number of Fabric-switch to which BNG/DHCP-server is connected.

         type: tosca.nodes.Switch
           driver: ofdpa3
           name: leaf_1
           ofId: of:0000a82bb57111f8
           routerMac: a8:2b:b5:71:11:f9
       # Setup the OLT switch port
         type: tosca.nodes.SwitchPort
           portId: 2
         type: tosca.nodes.SwitchPort
           portId: 1
       # Setup the fabric switch port where the external
       # router is connected to
         type: tosca.nodes.BNGPortMapping
           s_tag: "any"
           switch_port: 1
  6. Configure Q-n-Q interface and enable DHCP services on the DHCP Server (BNG) interface connected to Fabric-switch (Change the interface names as per your setup).

     sudo ip link add link ens1d1 name ens1d1.222 type vlan id 222
     sudo ip link set ens1d1.222 up
     sudo ip link add link ens1d1.222 name ens1d1.222.111 type vlan id 111
     sudo ip link set ens1d1.222.111 up
     sudo ip addr add dev ens1d1.222.111

    Choose any dhcp-server of your choice and run DHCP services on the Q-n-Q interface with range -

  7. Install the Modified TOSCA ponsim-pod charts and proceed to step Validating the install.

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